Bumper cars in Lowell

I already blogged about the fact that it was a tough weekend on the roads around Massachusetts, and from 11 to 11:30 tonight Lowell proved that I was right.

At least no one did here in Lowell.

About 11 p.m., the car pictured below ran a red light and struck a Ford Explorer on Appleton Street at the Lord Overpass.

Two men, in their early 20’s, were taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Police said the driver of the car admitted he ran the red light.

Below here is a photo showing the Explorer in the foreground, with the other car in the background.

As I was walking away from the crash pictured here, police and fire were sent to 1990 Middlesex Street for a report that a vehicle had crashed into a wall.

That report was no joke.

A man who was driving a Ford SUV outbound on Middlesex Street struck a pair of utility poles and then took out a 10 to 15-foot section of a very thick brick wall along the side of the road.

It’s worth noting: He struck the exact same pole another guy did just two months ago, on a straight stretch of road.

Somehow he escaped serious injury.

Witnesses at the scene told me a woman jumped out of the SUV, pushed someone aside and ran down the street following the crash.

Police found that woman a block away, though, and she did not have any drugs or contraband on her. She was a passenger in the car. Police said she was a Kenyan woman with a Washington state driver’s license. They’re not sure why she ran, but she is not facing any charges.

And all this happened after Lowell Police quickly broke off a pursuit earlier in the night because a driver who ran a stop sign on Broadway Street accelerated to over 70 mph, on Broadway Street, when he refused to stop for police.

Officers barely even tried to chase him before a street boss ordered them to break off. That’s an utterly insane speed on a street like that.

Lowell, seriously. Take it easy on the roads.

Vehicle crashes claim way more lives each year than murders do. Think about it.


2 responses to “Bumper cars in Lowell

  1. Who is giving these idiots licenses in the first place? It seems that none of these people are aware of a little thing called the fundamental speed law,which states that speed is to be reasonable @ all times- not to exceed 25 mph in thickly-settled areas; 20 in school zones w/flashing lights. A thickly-settled area is anywhere where buildings are less than 200 feet apart, which qualifies the whole city!

  2. The woman (and a man) that took off running from the accident on Middlesex Street that ultimately hit the brick wall was Swahili and ended up at out Townhouse complex next door. She didn’t speak a lick of English. When the police came to ask them questions they kept asking for help. After repeatedly asking them their names, the officers left (and left them here stranded). They were confused and crying. My partner and I gave them waters and called a number the woman had in her purse. It was her niece who lives in Nashua who grateful someone called her then came to pick them up. This was the same piece of paper we saw the woman give the police officer as they were being questioned. I don’t know what happened, but am glad we were there to help….your buddy, Troix.

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