Tough weekend on the roads

It was a rough weekend on highways across the state.

Four people were killed in three crashes around the state this weekend, including a 31-year-old Lowell man who died after he was ejected from a Ford Expedition that rolled over on Route 25 in Plymouth on Saturday morning.

A 41-year-old Lowell woman who was driving that Expedition is also hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after she was partially ejected.

State Police said in a release you can download here, that Ran Sat, 31, of Lowell, died at Tobey Hospital in Wareham despite the efforts of Trooper William Bates, who performed CPR on Sat at the scene of the crash on Route 25 near mile marker 6 on Saturday about 8:20 a.m.

The driver of the Expedition, Sophy Bo, 41, of Lowell, was partially ejected as the vehicle rolled over. She too suffered what police described as life-threatening injuries.

Bo was taken to Tobey Hospital, and from there was flown to Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, where state police said she was listed in fair condition this afternoon. Continue reading


Wheelchair struck in downtown Lowell

A roughly 58-year-old man in a wheelchair was struck as he crossed the street in the area of 140 Central Street downtown tonight about 10:30 p.m.

I know a few people who witnessed this and they said the guy in the wheelchair was in the middle of the street when he was struck by an SUV. The impact spun the man’s wheelchair around.

Police said the driver of the SUV is about 44-years-old. Continue reading

Mustang versus Crown Vic in Lowell

The Mustang lost.

I’m not yet sure what started the motor vehicle pursuit that started on Bridge Street in Centralville tonight, but I do know how it ended, because it ended with this guy in handcuffs.

Police tell me this is Anthony Burcell, 20, of 240 Pelczar Road, Dracut.

Police say officers in a car that patrols Centralville tried to stop the Ford Mustang pictured below here on Bridge Street about 8:20 p.m., but the driver of the car refused to stop.

The chase went up Bridge Street, and I’m told Pelczar nearly struck several pedestrians as he fled police. Continue reading

Fairly bizarre putsuit

Tonight about 11:47 p.m., a female driver in a red Nissan Maxima allegedly failed to move over while passing a construction setup on Route 3 south, which prompted a state police lieutenant in an unmarked cruiser to attempt to pull her over.

The female driver of the Nissan did not stop, but continued driving south at just 55 mph, with the unmarked state police cruiser driving behind her with its lights on.

The lieutenant believed the driver just didn’t want to stop for an unmarked car, so he calmly called for a marked unit to come make the stop.

But then the female driver refused to stop for a marked unit when it caught up and tried to pull her over.

She was still only going 55 mph, though. Continue reading

Four-car crash in Tyngsboro

I got an email tonight from my fellow blogger Mikhail Higley, of Tyngsboro, who sent a picture and some information about a four-car crash on Westford Road in Tyngsboro that occurred on June 15.

Mikhail sent the picture included here, and posted the following account of the crash on his blog.

This evening around 5:30 a call came in for a four car MVA on Westford road right in front of Tyngs Tarry. Police and fire responded. When fire got there they were told there were no injuries so they left and went to a medical on Frost Road. I also responded. I spoke with one of the parties that told me that a white Honda accord slammed into his car and it was the domino effect through all of them. Only one car was damaged enough to be towed. Luckily no one was hurt.

For those who don’t remember from previous posts, Mikhail is a 13-year-old young man from Tyngsboro who runs his own emergency blog in Tyngsboro. You can also like his blog on Facebook by clicking on this link.

Mikhail reports that, up until recently, things had been fairly quiet in Tyngsboro.

More motorcycles down

Since April, I’ve been blogging about fatalities involving motorcycles, less serious accidents involving motorcycles, and asking readers to keep an eye out for motorcycles as the weather improves. I’ve also been asking riders to keep an eye out and be safe.

It’s bike week in Laconia, N.H., though, and so far things have been rough.

While I was off work for two days, there were four more fatalities involving motorcycles in the Granite State, including one on the Everett Turnpike in Nashua that I know some local residents drove past.

Bike week is still underway, and with all the good weather there are plenty of riders out on the roads. Please, please, keep your eyes open and have some respect for bikers. And bikers, use your heads. I don’t want anyone else ending up in my blog.

Whose pills are those?

Officer Kevin Gillan was driving the Lowell Police prisoner transport wagon on Fletcher Street, at Bowers Street, tonight about 9:30 p.m., when he radioed for dispatch to send firefighters and a cruiser to a crash he came across.

Then he told dispatchers to send an ambulance, as a woman screamed in the background.

I was interested.

I arrived on Fletcher Street to find a white Hyundai Accent with front end damage and air bags deployed. A woman who was in the passenger seat of that car was being put into a stretcher by firefighters and EMTs.

Police were talking to the female driver of the Hyundai.

The Hyundai collided with a Honda, who’s 63-year-old male driver was calmly talking to police. A woman in her 60’s who was a passenger in his car was taken to Lowell General Hospital. Continue reading