Body found in Dracut still unidentified

It has been over a week since a boater spotted a dead body in the Merrimack River near 197 Merrimack Avenue (Route 110).

Investigators from Dracut Police and the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office have still not identified the body.

Today police released even more details about the description of the man who was found dead.

Police say the man was a white male, 20- to 41-years-old. He was 5’9, about 120 pounds, and had red body hair.

Police say he had no scars, no tattoos, and bad teeth. Police were unable to determine his eye color.

He was wearing white Nike Airmax sneakers, size 11.5, but he only had size 9 feet. He was wearing dark blue nylon pants with three vertical white stripes down the legs, with an Adidas bathing suit underneath. He was wearing a Casio watch, not a Seiko, as was initially reported. He was also wearing a light-colored polo shirt with the name and logo for “Corporate Chefs,” on it.

Police have contacted Corporate Chefs, which is based in Haverhill and has closer locations, but company officials checked for past employees who are unaccounted for and did not discover any.

Dracut Police Deputy Chief Dave Chartrand said investigators are pursuing all possible leads, but have still come up empty so far.

“We have researched all missing persons in the area and have not encountered a viable match,” Chartrand told me. “We have also been in contact with the local homeless shelters, to no avail.” Continue reading


Anyone seen this fella?

If anyone in Lowell or the surrounding area has spotted the guy pictured in this entry, the New Hampshire Department of Corrections would absolutely love to hear from you.

Shane Adkinson, 28, of Lowell, has been wanted since Friday about 6:45 p.m., when he failed to return to the minimum-security Calumet Transitional Housing Unit in Manchester.

Adkinson had been given permission to leave the facility to buy groceries and get a haircut. He never came back.

Adkinson was in the facility serving a 3- to 6-year sentence for second degree assault after being convicted of striking his pregnant girlfiend with a pickup truck in Seabrook, N.H. The woman suffered a broken hip and ankle, according to published reports.

Adkinson was 421 days into his sentence, which he began serving on April 15, 2011.

He is described as a white male, 70 inches tall, 212 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. He has tattoos on his right shoulder and left forearm.

You can read the New Hampshire DOC’s press release regarding this by clicking this link.

Anyone with information on this inmate’s whereabouts should contact the New Hampshire State Prison at 603-271-1801.

Fireworks underfoot

I’ve got a few more stories to crank out before I leave here tonight, so I’m just going to paste a story I just wrote here.

Keep your eyes open in Wilmington. It’s been a tough year for fireworks so far.

By Robert Mills
WILMINGTON — Wilmington is one of five towns where unexploded fireworks have been found after displays put on by a Pennsylvania fireworks company whose license has been suspended by state Fire Marshall Stephen Coan.
Wilmington Fire Chief Edward Bradbury said employees of the company, Pyrotecnico, and town employees found several unexploded fireworks immediately after the town’s July 3 fireworks display, which was launched from the football field.
The next day, during a sweep of the area required by the state fire code, nothing was found. But the following day, a fire lieutenant found another unexploded firework on the football field.
Bradbury said Friday a Department of Public Works employee was mowing the football field when his mower set off an unexploded firework. The worker was not injured. Continue reading

Someone lurking in Westford

Westford Police are reminding everyone in town to lock their downs and vehicles after someone awoke early this morning to find an intruder inside their home.

Police did not provide a street number or identify the home involved, but said there were two other incidents in the same area during the same time frame.

Police said the incidents were in the Chamberland Road, Hunt Road, and Francis Hill Road area.

The intruder who made his way into a home was described as a male wearing a colorful “beanie” type hat.

Westford Police searched the area with a canine unit but found nothing.

Police also discovered several items were taken from an unlocked vehicle nearby, and that another resident reported someone ringing their doorbell early in the morning. Continue reading

Search for Leo Coutu continues

The search for 49-year-old retired corrections officer and father of three, Leo Coutu, continues in Dracut, so I’m posting his photograph once again, as well as a story my co-worker Evan Lips put together on the ongoing search today.

Evan’s story is here:

By Evan Lips
TYNGSBORO — Nearly seven days have passed and still they search for Leo  Coutu.
They’ve looked behind almost every thicket, under every culvert and even inside nearly every vacant house in the 49-year-old’s hometown of Dracut.
On Monday morning, the search for Leo resumed in a new place: Just over the town line in Tyngsboro, as volunteers fanned out across the neighborhood surrounding Lake Mascuppic. Continue reading

Dye pack explodes at bank robbery

Salem Police are asking if anyone recognizes the guy pictured throughout this entry, who may or may not have some red ink all over him and possibly even a hand injury since a dye pack exploded on him after he robbed a Citizen’s Bank in Salem, N.H. today.

Police were called to the Citizens Bank branch at inside the Shaws Supermarket at 265 S. Broadway in Salem today at 2:07 p.m. Continue reading

Who stole Dylan’s motorcycle?

Dylan Thompson is a pretty cool kid.

He’s 10-years-old, he has Neurofibromatosis, a condition that causes tumors to grow throughout the body.

Earlier this month he had surgery to help maintain his vision, since the condition can effect both vision and hearing. Dylan is also deaf in one ear.

And yet I’ve never seen a picture of him without a smile. He’s a tough kid.

But some jerk stole Dylan’s motorcycle from outside his family’s house here in Lowell.

Dylan got the bike, pictured above, on June 26, 2010. The owner of TJ Callahans in Tewksbury gave the bike to Dylan during the Racing 4 Research Motorcycle Parade here in Lowell.

That event, organized by Dylan’s mom, Dawn Thompson, raised over $6,400 for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, an organization that supports research into Neurofibromatosis. Continue reading