Escaped prisoner captured

Jeff Lyons, a spokesman for the New Hampshire Department of Corrections, called me today to let me know that Shane Adkinson, 28, of Lowell, is back in custody following his escape from a minimum security facility in Manchester, N.H.

Adkinson, 28, failed to return to a minimum security center on Friday after he was given permission to leave to get a haircut and groceries.

Lyons said Adkinson was found in an apartment in Manchester on Sunday night and arrested.

He is now being held in a special housing unit at the New Hampshire State Prison in Concord, Lyons said. That is New Hampshire’s maximum security prison.

“That’s very typical when someone has walked away and been apprehended and brought back,” Lyons said. “We put them in a stricter environment for disciplinary purpose.”

Lyons didn’t have any further details about Adkinson’s arrest, but you can stop looking out for him on the streets of Lowell.

Bumper cars in Lowell

I already blogged about the fact that it was a tough weekend on the roads around Massachusetts, and from 11 to 11:30 tonight Lowell proved that I was right.

At least no one did here in Lowell.

About 11 p.m., the car pictured below ran a red light and struck a Ford Explorer on Appleton Street at the Lord Overpass.

Two men, in their early 20’s, were taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Police said the driver of the car admitted he ran the red light. Continue reading

Perception versus reality

Billerica Police put up a great blog entry today regarding the public perception of crime these days.

It addresses the perception that crime is worse than ever, even though statistics suggest that crime has actually been consistently decreasing.

I blogged about this before earlier this year. I notice it almost every day in the comments here and on my Facebook page.

I often hesitate to say so because I feel like I’m blowing my own horn, but I think the perception is largely due to the degree to which crimes are put on Twitter, in the paper, and on the Internet so instantly and in such detail these days.

The Billerica Police blog entry links to a very good article about this same issue.

I’ve sometimes asked myself if it’s a bad thing that the media might feed this perception, but I don’t think it is. Continue reading

Dead body found in the Merrimack

My colleague Sarah Favot, who worked the day shift today, told me Dracut Police found a decomposing body in the Merrimack River today.

Tough way to start a Sunday.

Dracut Police tell me the body was found in the Merrimack River near 197 Merrimack Avenue in Dracut today about 11:40 a.m. The body was found by an unidentified boater, according to Dracut Police.

Photo by Bob Whitaker.

Jessica Pastore and Stephanie Guyotte, spokeswoman for Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone, tell me investigators are still trying to figure out who the body is and how it got into the river.

Dracut Police say the body appears to be a light-skinned male with an average build.

He was wearing dark blue nylon pants with three white stripes on each side, which sounds like Adidas pants. He was also wearing a light-colored polo shirt with the logo “Corporate Chefs Inc.” on the front; white Nike Airmax sneakers; and a Seiko watch with a black band on his left wrist. Continue reading

Large-capacity rifle stolen – recovered

Billerica Police say the man pictured in this entry, James Robinson, 21, of Billerica, stole a large capacity rifle from a unit in the Kenmar Drive Apartments during a burglary today about 1:30 p.m.

Police were called to the area about 1:30 p.m., and Officer Scott Parker saw a man walking away from the area with what appeared to be a firearm, according to police.

That man fled at the sight of police.

Police setup a perimeter around the area, which includes a large wooded area and Innis Drive,  and arrested Robinson after a brief physical struggle about 30 minutes later.

After the arrest, police say they found a large capacity rifle and ammunition in the woods nearby.

Robinson was charged with breaking and entering daytime, larceny of a firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm, resisting arrest, and possession of burglary tools.

Robinson is being held without bail pending his arraignment on Thursday.

You can read the Billerica Police description of all of this by clicking on this link.

You can follow Billerica Police on twitter by clicking here.