Tips for staying out of my blog…

A lot of people are using space heaters to save on heating costs these days, so today Steve Dube, the fire prevention officer for the Hudson, N.H. fire department, sent over a list of tips on how to use them without making something like this happen…

(Photo is a fire on Fletcher Street in Lowell that I took a few years before I started the blog. I recently found it on my hard drive after thinking I had lost it, so I’m just using it as an attention getter).

Foil my efforts to blog about your home — take a look at the tips contained in this linked document from Dube. It’s short and doesn’t include any tips that are too difficult to follow.


Halloween Safety

Capt. Humphrey emailed today to ask me to help spread the word that trick-or-treating in Lowell will be held this Sunday, Oct. 31, from 6 to 8 p.m.
Safety Officer Paul Corcoran followed that up pretty quickly by emailing me a list of Halloween safety tips he has put together over the years.
I’m not going to go through them all here, but if you have kids who are heading out or just want to take a look you can download Paul’s brochure here.
Have a safe night everyone and don’t end up in my blog.