Anyone seen this fella?

If anyone in Lowell or the surrounding area has spotted the guy pictured in this entry, the New Hampshire Department of Corrections would absolutely love to hear from you.

Shane Adkinson, 28, of Lowell, has been wanted since Friday about 6:45 p.m., when he failed to return to the minimum-security Calumet Transitional Housing Unit in Manchester.

Adkinson had been given permission to leave the facility to buy groceries and get a haircut. He never came back.

Adkinson was in the facility serving a 3- to 6-year sentence for second degree assault after being convicted of striking his pregnant girlfiend with a pickup truck in Seabrook, N.H. The woman suffered a broken hip and ankle, according to published reports.

Adkinson was 421 days into his sentence, which he began serving on April 15, 2011.

He is described as a white male, 70 inches tall, 212 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. He has tattoos on his right shoulder and left forearm.

You can read the New Hampshire DOC’s press release regarding this by clicking this link.

Anyone with information on this inmate’s whereabouts should contact the New Hampshire State Prison at 603-271-1801.


Tough weekend on the roads

It was a rough weekend on highways across the state.

Four people were killed in three crashes around the state this weekend, including a 31-year-old Lowell man who died after he was ejected from a Ford Expedition that rolled over on Route 25 in Plymouth on Saturday morning.

A 41-year-old Lowell woman who was driving that Expedition is also hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after she was partially ejected.

State Police said in a release you can download here, that Ran Sat, 31, of Lowell, died at Tobey Hospital in Wareham despite the efforts of Trooper William Bates, who performed CPR on Sat at the scene of the crash on Route 25 near mile marker 6 on Saturday about 8:20 a.m.

The driver of the Expedition, Sophy Bo, 41, of Lowell, was partially ejected as the vehicle rolled over. She too suffered what police described as life-threatening injuries.

Bo was taken to Tobey Hospital, and from there was flown to Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, where state police said she was listed in fair condition this afternoon. Continue reading

Wheelchair struck in downtown Lowell

A roughly 58-year-old man in a wheelchair was struck as he crossed the street in the area of 140 Central Street downtown tonight about 10:30 p.m.

I know a few people who witnessed this and they said the guy in the wheelchair was in the middle of the street when he was struck by an SUV. The impact spun the man’s wheelchair around.

Police said the driver of the SUV is about 44-years-old. Continue reading

Canine finds the cash drawer

Westford Police just sent us a press release about a break in at the Nashoba Valley Ski Area early this morning.

An alarm called officers to The Outlook restaurant at the ski area about 2:30 a.m.

They arrived to find a glass door at the building’s entrance shattered, a cash register smashed on the floor, and the cash drawer from the register missing. They also found a vehicle in the parking lot, and noticed the car’s hood was still warm.

Surveillance video showed a man breaking into the building and leaving with the cash drawer.

Officer Corey Peladeau was called to the scene with his canine partner Beny, and they tracked a scent through a wooded area and a grassy area on the Nashoba property. A short time later they found David Ward, 27, of Boxboro.

Police said Peladeau also located several items of clothing that were allegedly discarded by Ward, a cash drawer, and the keys to the car that was still parked in the parking lot. Continue reading

Fireworks underfoot

I’ve got a few more stories to crank out before I leave here tonight, so I’m just going to paste a story I just wrote here.

Keep your eyes open in Wilmington. It’s been a tough year for fireworks so far.

By Robert Mills
WILMINGTON — Wilmington is one of five towns where unexploded fireworks have been found after displays put on by a Pennsylvania fireworks company whose license has been suspended by state Fire Marshall Stephen Coan.
Wilmington Fire Chief Edward Bradbury said employees of the company, Pyrotecnico, and town employees found several unexploded fireworks immediately after the town’s July 3 fireworks display, which was launched from the football field.
The next day, during a sweep of the area required by the state fire code, nothing was found. But the following day, a fire lieutenant found another unexploded firework on the football field.
Bradbury said Friday a Department of Public Works employee was mowing the football field when his mower set off an unexploded firework. The worker was not injured. Continue reading

Perception versus reality

Billerica Police put up a great blog entry today regarding the public perception of crime these days.

It addresses the perception that crime is worse than ever, even though statistics suggest that crime has actually been consistently decreasing.

I blogged about this before earlier this year. I notice it almost every day in the comments here and on my Facebook page.

I often hesitate to say so because I feel like I’m blowing my own horn, but I think the perception is largely due to the degree to which crimes are put on Twitter, in the paper, and on the Internet so instantly and in such detail these days.

The Billerica Police blog entry links to a very good article about this same issue.

I’ve sometimes asked myself if it’s a bad thing that the media might feed this perception, but I don’t think it is. Continue reading

Who is this guy?

A. Gregory Richardson?

B. David Williams?

C. Darryl Buchannan?

If you guessed C, you win, but Nashua Police say Buchannan, 50, of 76 Old Meadow Road, Lowell, tried to convince them he was one of those two other guys when he was arrested for theft yesterday.

And then police say they discovered he had been arrested in Nashua back in 1982, and that he used the name David Williams back then.

Buchannan was taken into custody after employees at Babies ‘R’ Us, on Gusabel Avenue, in Nashua, told police he grabbed 119 items off a clothing rack outside the store and put them in the trunk of his car about 5:41 p.m.

The total value of the clothing was calculated to be more than $1,000, according to police, so Buchannan was charged with theft, a class B felony.

He told officers he was Gregory Richardson, according to police.

Police said his fingerprints told a different story. Continue reading