Potential homicide in Lowell

City police and state police detectives attached to Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone’s Office are investigating a very serious assault in Lowell that could potentially end up as a homicide.

Police were called to 220 Branch Street this morning at 6:49 a.m., after someone called 911 to report that someone was possibly hurt inside an apartment of the building, pictured below, at Branch and Walker streets.

Police arrived at the apartment and found the door locked, but heard a noise inside the apartment that led them to believe there was someone injured inside.

Officers forced their way into the apartment, and found a woman in very serious condition as a result of being assaulted with an undisclosed weapon.

A spokeswoman for District Attorney Gerard Leone said the victim is 41-years-old, but otherwise declined to identify the woman.

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Crying and covered in blood

City police found the 10-year-old girl in her bedroom crying uncontrollably and bleeding from her nose — her hands covered in blood from repeatedly wiping her nose.

Police say the girl’s mother, Carla Williams, 27, of 22 Ennell Street, admitted to officers that she punched her daughter in the face with a closed fist. But, police say, Williams told officers there was nothing they could do about it, since she had a right to discipline her daughter however she chose.

Police didn’t agree.

Williams is being held tonight on a single count of domestic assault and battery on a child causing bodily injury. She’ll be able to plead her case in court starting tomorrow at her arraignment. Continue reading


The incident that occurred at 72 Walker Street in Lowell this afternoon started off as nothing life-threatening.

At 5:22 p.m., Lowell Police got a 911 call reporting that a third-floor resident of 72 Walker Street stabbed a second-floor resident in the hand and then fled back upstairs into his apartment.

By the time I arrived on scene minutes later, there were over a half dozen police cruisers there.

The suspect on the third floor of the red house pictured above was armed with knives and refused to leave his apartment.

The suspect was later identified as Craig Monahan, 25, of 72 Walker St., Unit 3.

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Whose pills are those?

Officer Kevin Gillan was driving the Lowell Police prisoner transport wagon on Fletcher Street, at Bowers Street, tonight about 9:30 p.m., when he radioed for dispatch to send firefighters and a cruiser to a crash he came across.

Then he told dispatchers to send an ambulance, as a woman screamed in the background.

I was interested.

I arrived on Fletcher Street to find a white Hyundai Accent with front end damage and air bags deployed. A woman who was in the passenger seat of that car was being put into a stretcher by firefighters and EMTs.

Police were talking to the female driver of the Hyundai.

The Hyundai collided with a Honda, who’s 63-year-old male driver was calmly talking to police. A woman in her 60’s who was a passenger in his car was taken to Lowell General Hospital. Continue reading

Two arrested for theft of a dog

I’m a little busy here since I’ve got a lot to accomplish before my vacation starts at midnight tonight, but here’s a story I just cranked out about the alleged theft of a pit bull in Dracut today.

By Robert Mills
DRACUT — A Dracut couple is facing charges they stole a dog from another couple during an altercation on Methuen Street, and then struck a woman with a car as they fled with the dog.
Deputy Chief David Chartrand said Emanuel Lima, 28, and Ashley Dewolfe, 27, both of 21 Wigham Ave., met up with a couple they know on Methuen Street in the area of Hillside Drive about 7:15 p.m.
“They met to talk about money that was owed between the couples, and the discussion turned into an altercation,” Chartrand said.
The victims in the case, who police did not identify, had their dog, a pit bull, in their car when the fight broke out.
“They took the dog from the victims’ vehicle, placed it in their vehicle, and began to flee,” Chartrand said.
As Emanuel and Dewolfe fled, their car struck the female victim, who was taken to Lowell General Hospital for observation, Chartrand said. Her injuries did not appear to be serious, he said.
Emanuel and Dewolfe had fled the area by the time police were contacted, but the victims told police where they live.
Chartrand said Emanuel and Dewolfe were arrested at their home a short time later. Continue reading

Bashed in the head with a rock

A 911 call sent emergency crews to Gorham Street near Chambers Street at 9:24 p.m., for what was initially reported as a possible stabbing.

Police found the unidentified man who is pictured below bleeding heavily from a head wound.

The victim was conscious, though, and told police he is homeless, and was fighting with another homeless man up the street when the other homeless man hit him in the head with a rock.

He was not stabbed, and was still pretty angry. He was shouting as he was taken into the ambulance by Trinity for a trip to Saints Medical Center. Continue reading