Bullet hole in a window

The photograph below is what Lowell Police found when they got called to 96 Shaw Street this afternoon by a man who found a bullet hole in the side of his minivan.

The man, who didn’t provide his name, said his wife heard what may have been a gunshot about 4 a.m.

The man told me his wife wasn’t sure at the time that what she heard was a gunshot, so she didn’t report it. Neither did anyone else in the area.

The minivan was parked in a driveway next to the home.

I’ve seen a lot of bullet holes in windows where the round just passes through the window and leaves a nice, little, round hole, but it looks like this round hit the metal at the bottom of the window, and took out a lot more of the glass.

Police radio broadcasts indicate that no gunshots were reported around that time. The closest was a report of possible gunshots near Pine and Wilder streets at 2 a.m. Police found no evidence of gunshots at Wilder and Pine, though.

If anyone saw anything in the area that could be related to this, call Lowell Police at 978.937.3200.


First shooting of 2012 in Lowell?

The crime blog is back in action.

Unfortunately, there was some action while I was gone.

I got back to work this afternoon and went through the email alerts I get from Crimemapping.com, and discovered there was an attempted murder Saturday morning about 2 a.m.

Capt. Jonathan Webb tells me a 25-year-old Lowell man was shot in the thigh on Branch Street, near Walker Street, while meeting with an acquaintance.

The 25-year-old, who Webb declined to identify, was hospitalized for several days but has since been released.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing. No arrests have been made. Continue reading