Escaped prisoner captured

Jeff Lyons, a spokesman for the New Hampshire Department of Corrections, called me today to let me know that Shane Adkinson, 28, of Lowell, is back in custody following his escape from a minimum security facility in Manchester, N.H.

Adkinson, 28, failed to return to a minimum security center on Friday after he was given permission to leave to get a haircut and groceries.

Lyons said Adkinson was found in an apartment in Manchester on Sunday night and arrested.

He is now being held in a special housing unit at the New Hampshire State Prison in Concord, Lyons said. That is New Hampshire’s maximum security prison.

“That’s very typical when someone has walked away and been apprehended and brought back,” Lyons said. “We put them in a stricter environment for disciplinary purpose.”

Lyons didn’t have any further details about Adkinson’s arrest, but you can stop looking out for him on the streets of Lowell.


Industrial fire – explosions in Lowell

I attended a meeting of police, bar owners, and the Lowell Downtown Neighborhood Association at city hall tonight, and as I left the meeting I was chatting with Fire Chief Edward Pitta about a couple things. I told him “well, I’d better get going before I miss an actual fire or something.”

I started walking back toward my office and made it to Market and Dutton streets before I noticed what’s pictured below in the sky head of me.

I tell this story because of the ridiculous coincidence, not because I think it’s funny.

I would soon learn that firefighters were on their way to Canada Street, where Deputy Chief John Mulligan told me crews arrived to find a corrugated metal building and several shipping containers fully engulged in fire.

“It was fully engulged when we arrived,” Mulligan told me. “We couldn’t get within 20 feet.”

Reader Paul Sweeney emailed me the photo above that he took from the nearby bridge on Lincoln Street.

The corrugated metal building and storage containers were used as a shop by Tommy Tree, a family business based on Manchester Street that trims trees, digs foundations, and does other odd jobs around the area. Continue reading

Tough weekend on the roads

It was a rough weekend on highways across the state.

Four people were killed in three crashes around the state this weekend, including a 31-year-old Lowell man who died after he was ejected from a Ford Expedition that rolled over on Route 25 in Plymouth on Saturday morning.

A 41-year-old Lowell woman who was driving that Expedition is also hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after she was partially ejected.

State Police said in a release you can download here, that Ran Sat, 31, of Lowell, died at Tobey Hospital in Wareham despite the efforts of Trooper William Bates, who performed CPR on Sat at the scene of the crash on Route 25 near mile marker 6 on Saturday about 8:20 a.m.

The driver of the Expedition, Sophy Bo, 41, of Lowell, was partially ejected as the vehicle rolled over. She too suffered what police described as life-threatening injuries.

Bo was taken to Tobey Hospital, and from there was flown to Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, where state police said she was listed in fair condition this afternoon. Continue reading

Wheelchair struck in downtown Lowell

A roughly 58-year-old man in a wheelchair was struck as he crossed the street in the area of 140 Central Street downtown tonight about 10:30 p.m.

I know a few people who witnessed this and they said the guy in the wheelchair was in the middle of the street when he was struck by an SUV. The impact spun the man’s wheelchair around.

Police said the driver of the SUV is about 44-years-old. Continue reading

Who is this guy?

A. Gregory Richardson?

B. David Williams?

C. Darryl Buchannan?

If you guessed C, you win, but Nashua Police say Buchannan, 50, of 76 Old Meadow Road, Lowell, tried to convince them he was one of those two other guys when he was arrested for theft yesterday.

And then police say they discovered he had been arrested in Nashua back in 1982, and that he used the name David Williams back then.

Buchannan was taken into custody after employees at Babies ‘R’ Us, on Gusabel Avenue, in Nashua, told police he grabbed 119 items off a clothing rack outside the store and put them in the trunk of his car about 5:41 p.m.

The total value of the clothing was calculated to be more than $1,000, according to police, so Buchannan was charged with theft, a class B felony.

He told officers he was Gregory Richardson, according to police.

Police said his fingerprints told a different story. Continue reading

Cocaine and heroin distribution ring

I haven’t blogged or Tweeted much tonight because I started my day faced with the need to read a 97-page long affidavit emailed to me by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

And that was before I started writing my story.

A man who spent about 5 days a week living at 5 Riverhurst Road, Unit 720, in Billerica, is named in the affidavit as one of the ringleaders of a cocaine and heroin distribution ring that spread dozens of kilos of cocaine around Eastern Massachusetts after getting it from a Providence, R.I. man who’s sources are in Mexico.

Another man, Freddie Morales-Lugo, who I blogged about back in December, is also among the 20 men charged with conspiracy to distribute five kilograms or more of cocaine in U.S. District Court in Boston.

I don’t have a lot of details on all this, though my story is very long.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the DEA have not yet officially announced the arrests, so no one is willing to comment quite yet. Sending me the redacted affidavit is the only thing the U.S. Attorney’s Office would do since the affidavit is the only document that has been unsealed in the case so far. Continue reading

Motorcycle happy ending

I wrote about someone stealing a motorcycle from 10-year-old Dylan Thompson last week, and I felt pretty confident stating that the crime was committed by a jerk.

Today the blog got a reminder that not everyone around here is a jerk.

Dylan and his family went camping over the weekend, and Dylan had no motorcycle to take along.

But he did have several text messages from Dave and Denise Pelletier, who texted Dylan’s mom with pictures of the new motorcycle they raised money to buy for him.

“Instead of thinking about who took his bike, he was getting excited about this new one,” Dawn wrote to me this afternoon. “The text that really got him smiling was ‘Dave is putting it together and charging it.’ I think he knew testing it was next!”

And, sure enough, Dylan got to test out his new motorcycle today in Dave and Dee’s yard.

Dawn posted the photo collage that’s above on Facebook today. Continue reading